What you need to know about your small business before you choose a web hosting service.

How can a warrior even think of winning a war without the right set of weapons on the battlefield? If he tries doing so the consequence is not worth mentioning. The same thought can be applied to your online business and then probably you will be in a better position to understand what services your online business requires. Ever since the emergence of the Internet (as a powerful marketing tool) and intelligent search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing amongst many, there has been an obvious intention to go global. Yes, it’s a battlefield out there and there is no mercy. You have to make sure that you use the right mixture of services to win the battle. Needless to say, Web Hosting is one of the most important ingredients.

You might have the best of websites with an exotic design, unique features, smoothest of navigational structure just to name a few. But have you ever wondered how these aspects would benefit your online business unless you have a strong hosting service to support it? Therefore web hosting services and solutions have become indispensable to empower your online presence. With a plethora of web hosting service providers available choosing the right hosting partner may give you goosebumps. But the problem is not so hard to do away with. Since most of them provide more or less the same set of services it becomes imperative to decide which service to go for. Of course, this would depend on a lot of parameters like the nature of business, target audience, expected traffic, etc.

To make your website available to a large customer base it is essential to hosting a site on a public server. Your PC can be used as a web server but it is recommended to let a service provider host your site. Obvious reasons for this are excellent connection speed, powerful hardware, security, and stability. Web hosting package often includes domain name registration and e-mail services.

While selecting your web hosting partner here’s what you need to know about your very own business: 

Disk space requirement

A small or medium website will require 10MB to 100MB of disk space. The size of each HTML page is generally between 5KB to 50 KB of the disc space on the server depending upon the use of images and other space-consuming elements. Make sure you know your needs before on a lookout of the provider.

Monthly traffic

A small or medium web site will use 1GB and 5GB respectively of data transfer per month. By multiplying the average page size with the number of expected page views this can easily be calculated. Large commercial sites may consume around 100GB of monthly traffic. Before signing up with any provider make sure the package suits your business needs.

Connection speed

Visitors largely use modems to connect to the Internet to visit a website, but the hosting provider should have a much faster connection. We are not living in the pre-mature phase of the Internet where a T1 connection was considered fast enough. To get the feel of the speed, Surf other websites hosted on their server before agreeing.

The commonly offered Web Hosting Services ranges from Free to Shared, Dedicated and Reseller hosting. Veracity in selecting the right service can obviate various potential risks.

List of do’s before finalizing your host partner. Check whether:

1) The hosting type suits your business needs.

2) The hosting package does justice to its cost.

3) Upgrading to a better server is a possible solution.

4) Upgrading to a dedicated server is possible when required.

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