Domain Name Suggestions – How to Find a Great Domain Name

We have launched several sites, and coming up with a good domain name is difficult. It seems all of the good ones are registered. There are two fundamental strategies that people use.

Come up with a new domain name that isn’t already registered, Or explores a domain name that was previously owned. (This is always the more expensive option since you are either buying a premium domain name or purchasing an expired domain name on auction.)

At this time, we’re likely to concentrate on the first method and try to come up with a new domain name that is not already registered.
This is the cheapest option, but it involves trial and error. There are a whole lot of free online tools out there which may help indicate good domain names. The online tool will say if the domain name is available, also it will indicate a list of additional domains which you might be considering.
By way of example, is accepted, but isn’t.
Some of the domain name idea tools will use a thesaurus to come up with similar but distinct words. Although we probably would not get a domain name from Yahoo, we’d like their domain name tool.
By way of example, is accepted, but isn’t. is a neat tool since they have an advanced keyword tool search which lets you select unique topics of words to try before or after your search phrase.
Therefore, for instance, their “action” theme tries different combinations of your search phrase and words like jump, shout, cut, etc.. Their colors motif adds words such as blue, red, yellow… You get the idea.
The very best part of MakeWords is that you can create your collection of words to add to your search term. Click here to”record of affixes” in the bottom of the page and enter in a personalized list of words which you enjoy. The site will probably spit out a bunch of domain name ideas along with your custom phrases added before and after your search term.
The most peculiar part of MakeWords is that occasionally it will tell you a domain name can be found, but when you go to a registrar and attempt to purchase it, it turns out that it is not available after all. Since this tool wasn’t always dependable, we tended to stay with domain generators operate from the registrars.
These Websites Make Money:
Domain Name Suggestion websites are free because they make their money when you decide to register a domain name with them.
Chances are if you used GoDaddy’s domain name tool, then when you find your dream domain name, you will just get it from them. If you used MakeWords, you can choose which registrar provider that you want to purchase from, and they’ll send you with all the click of a link. (If you purchase from that firm, then will make a commission from the sale.) Bottom Line: Use whichever website that you’d like to come up with domain name suggestions. But, when you’re ready to buy, choose the registrar that provides the best domain name bundle and price, not the registrar that has the very best domain name hints.
Why? Because with domains, the price ranges from $1.99 to $34.99 each year. And, not all registrars offer you the same quality of support. What’s worse is there are no refunds on domains. As soon as you pay, the cash is gone.

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